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July 22, 2024 - July 28, 2024

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 8am-8pm

We are Not Open To The Public except during our

You-Pick Lavender Event which typically happens mid-June to mid-July.

The rest of the year there are only small green lavender bushes without flowers.


If you are coming for an appointment or a wedding,

please see the information below.


32425 De Portola Rd, Sage, CA 92543 

(Entrance off of Hemet Ranch Road) 

Near Diamond Valley Lake




Seriously! Read Below

If You Use Your GPS To Get Here,  It May Show Hemet as the City instead of Sage

You can also find us on Google Maps.



Big Wineries   

Rancho California (7miles) to Glen Oaks Rd (2.1miles) to Mesa Rd (2.8miles) to De Portola Rd (5.8miles)


It's only about 6 minutes longer from the freeway than taking the Hemet Route.

We suggest you take this way if you can.

Taking De Portola from the Temecula route is paved almost all the way here. There is a little less than a mile of dirt road as you near The Barn, but that section of the road is relatively smooth. It does have a manageable hill as you approach, but an awesome view of the farm from the top.



De Portola Wine Trail  

Temecula Parkway (5miles) to Anza (0.5miles) to De Portola (6.1miles)


If coming from Temecula Parkway then Anza to De Portola, you'll want to turn left at Glen Oaks. DO NOT STAY ON DE PORTOLA at that point. It turns into a very bad dirt road. Turn Left at Glen Oaks, Right at Mesa, then Left back on to De Portola. It won't add any time to your trip, and your suspension will thank you.


This One Is Bumpy

(Railroad Canyon Rd/Newport Rd/Domenegoni Pkwy to State St. to Batz Rd. to Palm Ave.) 

Please be aware that Palm and De Portola for that stretch entails driving about two miles on a semi-bumpy dirt road with some fairly steep uphill climbs. We see passenger vehicles travel that direction all the time, but want to give you a heads-up. We call it the Adventure Route for good reason :-)



While traveling on De Portola between Mesa and our place, some guests have told us that their GPS will want to divert them from De Portola onto side roads. For example: While traveling De Portola their GPS will want them to turn left on Barranca, Right on Black Mountain, Right on Bit, Right on Crown Valley, and then turn left on De Portola. You may have noticed that's just a big circle that puts you on the same road you were already on. DON'T DO IT! YOUR GPS IS JUST PLAYING TRICKS ON YOU! Once you've turned onto De Portola from Mesa keep on De Portola all the way to us.

Use Your GPS To Get Here, But It May Show Hemet as the City instead of Sage


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