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We are getting so excited around here! The time is fast approaching where our fields will be filled with beautiful stems of lavender!

Currently our little lavender friends are napping but we expect them to start waking up in the middle of May and we hope to have  lavender large enough for cutting starting in mid-June 2021. Of course nature will have the final say and we'll pass along updates.

To those who have never been to one of our You-Picks (we only had the first one last year) here's how they work. We plan to be open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm.There will be an admission fee to come enjoy the farm. The fee will cover everyone in your vehicle and you'll get a sleeve or tube to fill with a large amount of lavender that you'll cut from the fields nice and fresh.

We sit on a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley and lake. While you're here you can walk the property, take pictures all over, and even bring along a picnic lunch if you'd like. We have an amazing vista point area with spectacular views to sit and enjoy your food.

We also have an entire field of lavender we leave untouched for you to take pictures in while you're here on your visit.  Pictures during the You-Pick are meant to be quick and fun photos and selfies. If you'd like to arrange for full photoshoots done by your own photographer or photo sessions shot by us  you can arrange these in time slots available after the You-Pick is done for the day. You haven't seen anything until you've stood in the lavender fields as the sun sets! We plan to have online booking for these time slots as soon as we can better determine when the lavender will be ready for their close-ups :-)

That's just a little info for now. Look for more detailed information coming soon!